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MES, Inc., is an international, award winning professional, management and technical services firm located in Rockville, Maryland, providing the highest quality, state of the art solutions in management services, information technology, education, and simulation and training to our public and private sector customers. We combine multi-disciplinary skills and technical expertise while emphasizing integrity and quality. These disciplines, coupled with unwavering performance standards have resulted in repeat business and multiple awards and kudos from our clients. Our core competencies include: education support, training and simulation, administrative and base support capabilities.  Our clients challenge us to provide more enhanced services and features, and we respond with world-class, superior services.

In 2000, we were awarded the "Blue Chip Enterprise Award" from the United States Chamber of Commerce as a result of our superior client services.  As one of the fastest growing high-technology firms ranked among the "Fast 50" for four consecutive years, MES has earned a niche in education, simulation, training, and information technology by being innovative and successfully performing on federal and commercial contracts.

MES has excellent CPARS rating from the government on current and past projects.

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